Ingredient Benefits

My ingredients are full of boundless benefits for the body. This list will give you some examples too why these key powerhouse essentials are the best to use. For that reason,  the groundwork is taken very seriously at Moxie Box. Literally to my core all for you. Enjoy the indulgence of well, ME!



Avocado oil is an assortment of nutrients and vitamins that are greatly beneficial to combat wrinkles, fat lines, and age spots.


Almond oil has a calming effect to inflamed skin. Packed with vitamins E, A, and D.


Coconut oil is rich with many high proteins that help repair cellular and tissue health.


Coffee grounds mechanically exfoliate the body scrubbing away all the dead skin renewing a soft new healthy polished look.


Cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa bean is a natural saturated fat that helps with sensitive dry skin. With alluring smoothing effects it leaves the skin awake and smooth.


Mango Butter obtained from the fruit is rich in fatty acids like Omega-9, and has a softening, soothing, and deep moisturizing effect. That helps with dry skin and redness. Hydrolyzing the skin leaving a lively moisturize.


Shea butter is the queen of all butters for the skin. With many alleviating functions this butter can help with many skin issues including blemishes, wrinkles, and eczema.


Kokum butter is known as an emollient, easily absorbed in the skin and serves for healthy skin cells.